The Epic Search for a Worship Leader

We have some cool events coming up in November! Check out details on our Facebook or Calendar pages.



Also, we are looking for a worship leader! If you know any musicians of color, please send them our way. Seriously. Looking for this worship leader has been a little bit of an epic quest for the New City Church folks (think Lord of the Rings but fewer volcanoes), and we would love to bring it to a happy ending.

If you do know any musicians, have them take a look at the job description and start praying right away.

The folks at New City have done an amazing job putting together a worship service that is fresh, interactive, and communal. It's beautiful. Really--I can't wait for you all to see it.

But first! We need a person who can sing songs, lead musicians, inspire a room full of people, and strategically take New City Church to the next level. 

Even if you are not a musician, please pray for us to find one!  Thanks :)

Tyler SitComment