Cut For Time: 10 Things Tyler Didn't Include in the 2015 Video Update

Did you get a chance to see the Christmas update for New City Church? Check it out!

(it's best in HD)

Here some other pieces of big news that we couldn't fit in--leave a comment if you have a request for the topic of our next video!


10: Leaders are emerging, and it's awesome

Some amazing, hyper-local leaders have risen up to develop New City Church. Both our Transformational Organizer Training and our worship service have growing teams of leaders who have filled out a Leadership Profile, attended a Leadership Retreat, and continue to meet regularly to get stuff started. If you feel a passion on your heart (and/or you're good at stuff), let us know!

9: New City Church-ers were in solidarity with #JusticeforJamar

For 18 days #BlackLivesMatter protestors occupied the 4th Precinct of the Minneapolis police. The demonstrations were non-violent, and included singing, dancing, prayer, and emboldened solidarity. Many folks who have come to New City Church events attended the occupation and agreed that it is time to confront Minneapolis' latent racism--now.

8: People want to research New City

After our presence in the press heightened, several researchers contacted New City Church to learn more. Everyone from local college students to seminarians to doctoral candidates had lots of intrigue with a church that focuses on environmental justice. 

7: Powderhorn Park has an Appetite for Leadership

Tyler attended a cooking class called Appetito por el Liderazgo, and it was incredible.  Appetito is a program of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA), and it is geared towards the Latino community (which Tyler is...not). Fortunately, Raul (the community organizer of PPNA) understood New City's commitment to listening to the neighborhood, so he let Tyler (and his ailing Spanish) into a joyful, bustling room of chefs and leaders from the Latino community. 

6:The only reason a worship service isn't happening is because we haven't found the right musician

Yeah, it's true: we have not hired a musician for our worship service yet, despite looking for the past couple months. If you know any musicians (particularly black or Latin@) who would be interested, you should contact us immediately.  In fact, don't even finish reading this article. Jjust go! 

5: We've had a bunch of gatherings, and all of them were 100% awesome

So much fun! We've had a house warming party, an open mic night, a "focus group" worship service, and an (ever-increasing) amount of dinners, and they continually reinforced the fact that: 1) Our neighborhoods (Powderhorn Park and Phillips) are full of resilient, creative people, and 2) People are at least intrigued enough with a church that focuses on environmental justice that they are showing up to stuff (and being awesome at aforementioned stuff).

4: We Wrote a Mission Statement

We decided what your next neck tattoo should be:

to create inspired and skilled communities that join God in transforming the world.

Every word in this phrase comes out of literally hundreds of conversations in the community. Which one is your favorite?

3: Modus Locus loves us (and vice versa)

Modus Locus is an amazing new community space that opened recently.  It's an art gallery, it's an office for realtor Ephraim Eusebio , it's office space for Cooperative Energy Futures, it's open space for community events. Tyler asked Modus Locus if New City could worship there. They said an unreserved yes. 


Even if this doesn't end up being the place where we permanently matter, isn't it nice to feel loved by the community?

2: Other churches are getting onboard the New City train

Whether it's administrative services, furniture, or straight-up cash, several churches have bought into the mission of New City Church, and they want to see it thrive. Some of these are large churches, but others aren't--New City is so indebted to small, passionate congregations who believe in what God is doing in New City.

1: You can celebrate Christmas, love Jesus, and not be judgmental. In fact, following Jesus demands it

New City isn't shy about being a Christian community (like Tyler mentioned in sermon v2.5 of this video), but we live out our faith with a commitment to non-violence and liberation for all of God's children (which is everyone). No, we are not anti-Muslim.

If you can use the prefix "anti-" and put a person group after it, chances are Jesus would not be too supportive.

Which doesn't mean that we tolerate a watered-down "everything goes" spirituality. Christian particularity, not exclusivity!  

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