Developing Leaders and Hoping Beyond

The commissioning and ordination service was a rare kind of sacred.  Bishop Ough preached up a storm ("Are you poor enough to follow Jesus?"), the music featured some favorites,  and new leaders cropped up among our fair conference.  

What impresses me most about these new leaders is their unapologetic boldness.  The love of God and the determination to transform the world is palpable among these folks, and I am honored and blessed to consider them colleagues. 

In the pit of my gut, though, I still had some anxieties: are these leaders going to be enough to really turn around racism, injustice, and environmental destruction?  Are we even enough to be a David against the Goliaths of mega-corporations and superstorms?

The short answer is no.  Let's not pretend.  All the king's horses and all the king's men could not transform the world to be better again.  However.  The great thing about being a Christian is that we never pretended to be enough to overwhelm the empire.  

We believe that God, not man-made schemes, are enough to realize justice in our world.  

We dedicate our lives to God's work, knowing that the transformation God pulls out of the world will extend far beyond anything we can imagine. 

Our hope is intact--even while our hands are work.

Here are some favorite pictures from the evening (photo credit: MN Annual Conference).  You can download high-resolution files  here, as well as view pictures from the very moving retirement ceremony and the commissioning of the Licensed Local Pastors (go LLPS!)

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