¡Bienvenidos, Haugebergs!

New City Church is thrilled to have Tori + Adam Haugeberg joining our staff!

Donate $5 to New City Church today to welcome them into the neighborhood and give them a strong start in ministry!

Tori will be coming on as the Director of Community Development, and will have responsibilities around small group development, community listening, and mentorship.

Adam joins us as the Director of EcoTheology Initiatives (which is as good of a name as we could come up with to describe neighborhood justice + following Jesus + healing the planet). With his background in urban agriculture and small business management, he will be launching projects that take the "pro-people, pro-earth" approach of New City to the community.

Both of the Haugebergs are deeply established in their faith and love Jesus, love their neighbor, and love Creation. Both of them have significant experience in cross-cultural settings and are dedicated to establishing a multiethnic community. Hooray!

Tori and Adam's first task will be to establish themselves in the neighborhood--which means going out on a lot (A LOT) of one-on-one conversations over coffee. 

Donating $5 will pay for those crucial coffee conversations that help Tori and Adam following Jesus' call to love your neighbor. Give them a strong start by donating today!

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