Seeking: 2 Positions!

All interested parties should send an inquiry to for further application instructions. Gracias!


Director of EcoTheology Initiatives

  • Leadership/strategy (20%)

    • Developing community leaders (seminary, university, high school, community members)

    • Participating in weekly staff meetings, leadership retreats, and other staff-related functions as they arise

  • Evangelism (10%)

    • Networking with other leaders in the community, include EJ leaders

    • Developing partnerships with other EJ organizations in the neighborhood

    • Being present at neighborhood events/outreach events/etc

    • Coordinating events/parties/meetings for the community

  • Discipleship (20%)

    • Discovering/co-authoring curriculum

    • Teaching classes

    • Lleading retreats

  • Mission: Environmental Justice Project (30%) (empowering the neighborhood to become diverse and green)

    • Exploring viability and executing an environmental justice project, which would serve as a visible community witness to New City’s commitment to environmental justice

    • This may include community gardening, whether it is:

      • outdoor growing

      • explore viability of greenhouse construction (and, if that is not viable, figuring out a different environmental justice project thang)

  • Fundraising (15%)

    • Seeking grants

    • Overseein crowdsourcing efforts to fund greenhouse/other projects

  • Administration (5%)


Qualifications Needed

  • Background in Urban Agriculture (certifications)

  • Experience with entrepreneurship and business management

  • Training in Biblical studies, theology, etc.

  • experience with church planting, beginning new initiatives

  • Leadership in diverse spaces

  • Evangelistic heart, loves Jesus

  • Practices spiritual disciplines and continues to develop as a Christian



Director of Community Development (10 hrs/wk)

    Job Description

  • Leadership/Strategy (30%)

    • participating in staff meetings, leadership retreats, etc.

    • Developing community leaders (seminary, university, high school, community members)

  • Community Development (65%)

    • Evangelism

      • Networking with community leaders

      • Community Development

        • FreeSpace

      • keeping tabs on trends/initiatives/happenings with neighborhood

    • Discipleship

      • small group oversight

      • teaching classes (i.e., issue-oriented discussion)

    • Church community-building

      • community meals

        • visitor follow-up

          • maintaining some sort of spreadsheet (documentation of visitors)

        • coordinating, encouraging small group participation

        • reaching out to drifters

        • Membership (Starting Point) class

      • Family

        • i.e., new mom small group, events for parents

        • (not a children’s minister)--coordinate children’s ministry

        • oversee family ministry

  • Administration (5%)


Qualifications Needed

  • experience in discipleship in a local church setting

  • education in biblical, theological, etc.

  • personal skills around mentorship and relationship. Relatable, approachable

  • background in hospitality, event planning

  • Demonstrated track record in networking, community building

  • Passionate about community development!

  • Multi-Cultural competency, cross-cultural relationship building

  • teaching experience, experience developing curriculum

  • Charismatic, people-person

  • Evangelistic heart, loves Jesus

  • Practices spiritual disciplines and continues to develop as a Christian

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