Easter Blueberry Update! (Adam Haugeberg, Dir. of Environmental Justice)

Greetings Fellow Gardeners of God's Good Earth!

This Easter we planted a blueberry bush as a community. We did this because planting a dormant, bare-rooted shrub in the ground is an embodied prayer for resurrection. It is an exercise in hope that things that appear dead, can spring back to life, even with greater glory.

In light of that hope, I am excited to share the photos of our holy vibrant shrub truly alive and flourishing. 

The growth you see here is quite astounding compared to what is typically see.  I believe this is due to the method that we used for planting. We utilized Ellen White's system called "Planting By the Blueprint" which she said God gave her in a dream. The results have spoken for themselves, often showing 20 times greater biomass than trees planted with the traditional forestry planting method.  And what's truly wonderful is that it's entirely organic, meaning all of the amendments we used were derived from things that we once alive. Yet again, this points to a principle of resurrection. 

For the sake in demonstration (and because blueberries need a cross-pollinator) we planted a second blueberry bush using the traditional planting method, and added the recommended dose of blueberry specific organic fertilizer. The comparison between these two plants is remarkable after only 1 month of growth.

Stay tuned for more updates about our two blueberry plants. I will continue to report back. I am especially interested in sharing the difference in fruit production in about a year from now. Until then, always feel free to contact me (Adam Haugeberg, Director of Environmental Justice @ New City Church) if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Environmental Justice projects at New City Church.  

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