Bendiciones the Lemon Tree

Today Adam and Reynaldo delivered a fruit tree to one of the great people in our neighborhood. In comparison to the apple trees we're planting in other people's yards, this one is a (drumroll) INDOOR lemon tree! This is a first for this program, and we're excited to see how it grows!

Together, we learned how to water, fertilize, and prune the tree. At the end we (New City folks + giggly kids) prayed a blessing for the tree, and gave our neighbor a sign that said Bendiciones ("blessings") from New City Church.

"Bendiciones," our neighbor said. "That will be the name of this tree."

Tyler may have gotten a little eensy bit misty eyed, at that point, because seriously that's just beautiful.

So cheers! To Bendiciones the tree, to our neighborhood, and to the New City. We are looking to plant a lot of trees in the next couples weeks, so if you want to join in (receive a tree, volunteer to plant, or donate), check out:

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