Launch is coming Nov 12!


Free food, childcare, and giveaways!!

Nov 12 is the launch of New City WEEKLY gatherings, and we're starting with a clear, bold affirmation: God has a vision of a Minneapolis that is diverse, safe, and green. For us to live into that, we need to address the major gentrification (displacement of people of color) that is happening in our very own neighborhood. It's not just policy work--it is soul work, and that is why we need a church community.

Each week Nov 12-Christmas, we will talk about a different way to address gentrification. We'll be working out of the book How to Kill a City (Moskowitz) and, as always, ancient insight from the Bible. 

Then, on Nov 19, we'll be gathering off-site with one of our local community partners! The Holy Spirit is all about solidarity :)

Tyler SitComment