5 Ways to Promote the De-Gentrifier Series!



Want to help promote the New City Launch Season (which starts Nov 12!)?  

  1. Pray for New City every day.  Breathing in: God, build in me the New City; Breathing out: God, grow the New City community.  With daily habits like these, it's best if you set an alarm on your phone.
  2. Facebook: Click "Going" on the event pages and share ("I'm excited for this! Who wants to come with?").  Nov 12 event is here, Nov 19 event is here.
  3. Make a list of 5 chill people who are not involved with New City, and send a message to invite them. The more personal the message the better!
  4. Think about public spaces you could post this. Neighborhood listservs? Twin Cities facebook groups?  Below are BW & color flyers if you want to print any to post on community boards
  5. Flyer with us tomorrow! On Nov 5 we'll go around the neighborhood.  If you can't make it tomorrow but still want to flyer, we can get lit to you!

Here are some downloads:

1/2 sheet color image (.png)

Canvassing Flyer (.pdf, can be printed black and white, bilingual)

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