A Note on White Supremacy


Last Sunday, Pastor Tyler opened the sermon with a basic truth: white supremacy will not win.

White supremacy is the bitter fruit of racism that our country has struggled with for centuries. It influences systems of power, cultures, industries, and even our day-to-day interactions. Even though there isn't a white supremacy march (like the one in Charlottesville) every day, the ways this ideology pervades our daily lives is manifold.

It is uncomfortable to take personal responsibility for racism; and yet, anyone living in American culture has participated in it in some form or fashion.  Even at New City, which is a community of people who attempt to be at the forefront of eliminating racism, we confess that there is still much work to be done.

In contrast to the despair that this weighty task might foster, the Gospel offers an infinite spring of hope. The Gospel tells us that we will never be able to solve these problems on our own.  God is the only one who can transform hearts, and we lean heavily on that promise in times like these, when it feels as if our hearts are torn apart. We take responsibility, we do the work, we take the risk--but ultimately it is God who will save us. 

God's love wins. White supremacy will not win.

This is an ongoing struggle, but we struggle together. Please let us know how we can support you in this important, faithful work.


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