New Series: Unapologetic!


People of color, queer folks, and people with other marginalized identities know what it's like to apologize just for being ourselves. But did God create us just to live lives of shame? Further, how do we stand up for ourselves without using the very shame that oppressed us in the first place?

As New City continues beyond our DeGentrifying series, we discerned a hunger in the community to talk about how we can be both unapologetic of who God made us to be while, at the same time, building communities that included people who are not like us.

We also heard a requests from people with privileged identities on how to practice centering marginalized voices without being motivated by shame (ie, white guilt, etc)

Refreshments and childcare provided!

We'll eat, we'll sing songs, we'll hear read some Bible, we'll hear an inspiring word, and we'll join God in building the inclusive communities we have always hungered for!

Tyler SitComment