101 Things New City Church is grateful for (in no particular order):

  1. The love of God that saw us through the ups and downs

  2. You! If you're reading this list that means somehow you're accompanying us on our journey

  3. The Mississippi River

  4. CTUL, a social justice organization we had Solidarity Day with this year

  5. Empanadas

  6. Mayyadda, our worship leaderr, dropped a new album this year! "Holding Space"

  7. A city council that on the most part was willing to meet with the people of New City to express our concerns about gentrification/displacement 

  8. The Make Homes Happen campaign, which we are a part of 

  9. Kerri Miller from Minnesota Public Radio for interviewing Tyler!

  10. The hardworking people on East Lake Street who work 14 hour days but are still able to crack jokes

  11. New City's monthly donors! We're grateful for people who invite this type of commitment for their own transformation as well as in support of the community

  12. People who clear out sidewalks to make sure they're wheelchair accessible

  13. That Hamilton the Musical came to Minneapolis this year. If you missed it, just ask Tyler for a re-enactment...

  14. Also let's not forget Beyonce came through too

  15. Just Minneapolis and St. Paul being a thriving arts scene in general!

  16. The resilience of the community organizers of the Hwy 55 encampment of people surviving homelessness

  17. The upswell of support that New City folks had for those organizers, and we continue to have

  18. Mothers who are stretching a dollar to raise their kids single handedly

  19. The book of Genesis, which we read through almost entirely this year (we skipped some of the list of names...)

  20. Therapy animals

  21. That one group of like five Mexican guys who silently drive around during blizzards and pull people out of snow drifts

  22. Funky Grits, the new restaurant on 38th and Chicago

  23. People who started new organizations this year

  24. Siblings who are tight

  25. Life Together groups

  26. Those who decided to be a little more vulnerable in Life Together groups

  27. Those who received that vulnerability with grace 

  28. People who are able to create space for other people's pain without 'fixing' anything

  29. But those people with hard skills who literally do fix things (like a broken mic stand...) are really helpful too

  30. Pho

  31. The Walker Community, who oversees the space we rent to be able to worship.  Thanks for letting us do our own thing!

  32. Volunteers, which this year we renamed "Collaborators"

  33. Busy people who know how to prioritize community

  34. People who braved coming out of the closet this year

  35. The family of the people who came out, who maybe didn't completely understand but still stood with their loved one

  36. Tamales that cost less than a cup of coffee

  37. Healthy boundaries

  38. Our prayer wall, which an 11 year old boy constructed out of cardboard and spray paint

  39. Students from the U of M, Bethel, Hamline, etc. who have contacted New City for an essay they're writing

  40. The Forum for Theological Education--seriously a ton of New City have been with them

  41. Knitting and crocheting

  42. Back massages from people who feel safe

  43. People who feel safe

  44. People who know that 'safe space' isn't really possible, but who still venture to create 'brave space'

  45. The Gospel of Matthew and its reverence for tradition that precedes it

  46. The Gospel of Mark and how it gets to the point

  47. The Gospel of Luke and its focus on marginalized people

  48. The Gospel of John and how 'spiritual' it is

  49. Oh man and the book Song of Songs?! It's so embodied

  50. Our relationship sermon series that has been going SO WELL

  51. Black Panther the movie and the visual imagination of a decolonized world

  52. Grandparents

  53. The white people in our community who are willing to take risks and own that they have been raised with racism all around them, and they want to change that

  54. People who are willing to change

  55. The Holy Spirit who is willing to change us even when we're seriously so fickle

  56. Renewable energy

  57. The kids in our neighborhood and their boundless energy

  58. Teachers

  59. Special ed teachers!

  60. Spanish immersion teachers!

  61. Parents of teenagers who just can't even right now

  62. Coco the movie and its amazing ability to curry gratitude for elder

  63. Our ancestors who fought for us to live in peace

  64. Peace

  65. Farmers

  66. Our neighbors who became farmers through our Backyard Farm program this year

  67. All the amazing plants that are living and yielding food for those neighbors

  68. All of the neighbors who are invited over for meals where they can eat said vegetables

  69. Jesus, who through his life, death, and resurrection show us that God is a God of mercy and liberation

  70. The line "speak the truth in love" in Ephesians--what a great model for us to use compassionate but straightforward communication in community

  71. Being able to walk down the block and feeling pretty safe

  72. Midtown Global Market

  73. That one Tibetan tailor in Midtown Global Market who made Tyler's pastoral robe

  74. Good financial systems that can be set up and make life easier

  75. Those months where all of our receipts for credit card reconciliations are already turned in

  76. Luther Seminary and all of the students they have sent to New City to check us out

  77. The "Wesleyan Quadrilateral" that asserts that Scripture is best understood in conversation with tradition, reason, and experience

  78. For the indigenous people who endured incredible trauma, yet they continue to remain strong

  79. Landlords who don't raise the rent because they would rather have good tenants who build community than wealthy tenants who don't

  80. Social workers who seriously take on so much vicarious trauma (blessings!)

  81. Retired people who decide they would rather be part of society's solutions than go on another trip

  82. Not knocking travel, though. Oh man, travel is so good.

  83. Inquilinxs Unidxs, an organization in our neighborhood that fights for renters' rights

  84. The people who don't wait for an invitation to show up to important rallies or protests

  85. Bus drivers

  86. The MAD (men against destruction) Dads, who go onboard buses and make sure that no fights break out, sign people up for health care appointments, and make sure folks know about job opportunities. This is a project of a church, we might add!

  87. The amazingly receptive people to Tyler's Annual Conference sermon

  88. Community Organizer training--New City people attended the Midwest Academy's training this year and it was really amazing

  89. People who write worship music that's really, really good

  90. The New City people who on their own volition make playlists of New City worship music

  91. The people who show up on a Sunday morning to set up folding chairs and tables for New City

  92. The people who stumble into worship even though they are still hung over from the night before. Hey, if you made it to church we'll take it!

  93. The New City people who check in on each other

  94. Good audio speakers

  95. Potlucks

  96. People who were baptized this year!!

  97. People who became Full Partners of New City this year by dedicating their time, talent, and resources

  98. Our new storage cabinets. Organization is so fun!

  99. People who give each other rides to New City

  100. People who bike to New City

  101. The love of God that saw us through the ups and downs

Thank you for the great year!

Tyler SitComment