Launching New Series: Conflict Revolution!


We're so excited about launching our new series: Conflict Revolution! We'll be exploring why it is that we (Minnesotans, Americans) are so bad at conflict, and how God can show us the way of real peace.

Every Sunday starting Feb 18!
3104 16th Ave S (2nd floor), Minneapolis, MN 55407

Check our facebook page for more details!

Then After:



New City is able to make a difference when our community steps up! Come hear how you can share your talents, grow as a leader, and join God in transforming Minneapolis.

After Community Table (10-12pm), we'll have a FREE LUNCH for anyone interested in learning how they can step up. 

This is perfect if you:
+Are new to the community and want to volunteer for the first time
+Are a regular at New City and want to try something new or advance your skills
+Have a secret talent you want to share (juggling??)

If there is a particular opportunity you are interested, leave a comment and we'll make sure to accommodate. See you there!

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