Discernment Questions to Ask Going into 2019

Happy New Year!

Today, spend a couple minutes reflecting on these questions. What stuck out to you?

On December 31, 2019, what will you look back and be grateful for happening?

Beyond “doing,” who is God calling you to be?

Who in your life does God want to show love through your actions and words?

If you had all the time and resources you needed, what is the most justice- and wholeness-oriented life you could lead?

What are three barriers in your life that, if removed, would allow you to feel more free, whole, and loving?

Whom could you ask to mentor you for this season of your life? What would you focus on? Whom might God be asking you to mentor or ‘journey alongside’?

What is a difficult conversation or action that is necessary for you to live more freely?

“If I did ______, it would make a difference for the vision God has for the world” (list 3 options keeping in mind God is Love and we never fully know God’s heart)

What did you spend money on this year? What could you adjust so your spending aligns more with your values?

Where are the places/relationships you need to assert yourself more? Where are the places you could create more space for others, especially marginalized people?

What is a time this past year that you felt truly alive? What might God be trying to tell you through that moment?

When do you feel the closest to God? How can you center those moments moving forward?

What might God be inviting you to receive? To give away or ‘compost’?

Who are you struggling to see as a child of God? What would a repaired relationship/appropriate boundary look like?

Are there any relationships in your life where you are doing emotional labor that is meant for someone else? Or displacing/’dumping’ emotional labor that is your own to do?

Let us know how the discernment went! Tag #GrowNewCity.

Also, we’re launching a new sermon series this Sunday! See you there!

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