Easter at New City: Launching a New Series!

Easter Community Table
April 1, 10am-12pm
3104 16th Ave S, Minneapolis

As we've explored over the past forty days, Easter promises a new, subversive life and hope to the world. Whether you've never been to church or haven't been in a long time, this will be a fabulous day to check out New City!

We will have extra wonderful Easter food before the service, then we'll move into launching our NEW SERMON SERIES! The theme came directly from the people of color at New City advocating for reconnecting with our bodies.

Children's Ministry will be available during the service!

facebook event is here



The festivities continue that evening! Bring a friend (non-New City people very welcome) and some food. We'll have some Easter activities too, because duh it's New City.
If you started going to New City in the last three months, we especially would like you to come!

Easter Dinner facebook event

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Launching New Series: Conflict Revolution!

We're so excited about launching our new series: Conflict Revolution! We'll be exploring why it is that we (Minnesotans, Americans) are so bad at conflict, and how God can show us the way of real peace.

Every Sunday starting Feb 18!
3104 16th Ave S (2nd floor), Minneapolis, MN 55407

Check our facebook page for more details!

Then After:



New City is able to make a difference when our community steps up! Come hear how you can share your talents, grow as a leader, and join God in transforming Minneapolis.

After Community Table (10-12pm), we'll have a FREE LUNCH for anyone interested in learning how they can step up. 

This is perfect if you:
+Are new to the community and want to volunteer for the first time
+Are a regular at New City and want to try something new or advance your skills
+Have a secret talent you want to share (juggling??)

If there is a particular opportunity you are interested, leave a comment and we'll make sure to accommodate. See you there!

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Largest Life Together season yet!

We are thrilled that the Spring 2018 season is our largest Life Together group season ever! These are our small group ministries that focus on building relationships across difference, whether it is racial difference or Spanish/English fluency.  These groups transform lives!

We have 7 groups running, with 46 confirmed participants and 5 NEW leaders!

Please pray for these groups, with special prayers for our Life Together leaders and hosts (pictured here)

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New Series: Unapologetic!

People of color, queer folks, and people with other marginalized identities know what it's like to apologize just for being ourselves. But did God create us just to live lives of shame? Further, how do we stand up for ourselves without using the very shame that oppressed us in the first place?

As New City continues beyond our DeGentrifying series, we discerned a hunger in the community to talk about how we can be both unapologetic of who God made us to be while, at the same time, building communities that included people who are not like us.

We also heard a requests from people with privileged identities on how to practice centering marginalized voices without being motivated by shame (ie, white guilt, etc)

Refreshments and childcare provided!

We'll eat, we'll sing songs, we'll hear read some Bible, we'll hear an inspiring word, and we'll join God in building the inclusive communities we have always hungered for!

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2017 Annual Report!

We are proud to present our Annual Report! Click on the images to advance the pages.
If you would like to request a hard copy of our Annual Report, send us a message through our contact page!

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Christmas at New City!

Sunday, 12/24
3104 16th Ave S (2nd floor)
Minneapolis, MN 55407

fb event is here

This Sunday is Christmas Eve! Come sing Christmas songs and create community with people who care about a De-Gentrified Minneapolis.

Jesus understood displacement, he understood being shut out and shut down. But what the Christmas story shows us is where we can discover an enduring hope! 

This will be the last sermon of our Habits of a DeGentrifier series (Discussion Group next week!)--whether this is your first Sunday or you've been with us all along, come celebrate Christmas with us!


Facebook event is here!

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Coming Soon...Wing Young Huie speaks at New City Church!

Sunday, Dec 10
10:00-10:30am Refreshments
10:30am-12pm Worship
3104 16th Ave S (second floor)


New City Church is proud to invite Wing Young Huie to our Sunday Community Table! Huie (full bio below) has been photographing the everyday lives of Minnesotans for over 30 years, including the widely recognized Lake Street USA (2000) installation. His presentation comes as New City's 6-part series on "Habits of a De-Gentrifier."

Huie's talk will serve as the 'sermon' for our Community Table. Like always, we will have live music, Scripture reading, spiritual practice, and free food. Childcare provided!

Wing Young Huie
Wing Young Huie has been photographing for over thirty years, with much of it focused on his home state of Minnesota. Although his
work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums, his most well-known projects are large-scale public installations, including Frogtown (1995), Lake Street USA (2000) and The University Avenue Project (2010), which transformed major Twin Cities’ thoroughfares into epic photo galleries, reflecting the
everyday lives of thousands of its citizens in the midst of some of the most culturally diverse areas in the country.

In 2000 the Star Tribune named Wing “Artist of the Year,” stating, “Lake Street USA is likely to stand as a milestone in the history of photography and public art.” The resulting book was hailed by the Star Tribune as one of 25 great books ever published about Minnesota.

Wing’s six published books are: The University Avenue Project, Volume 1 (2010); The University Avenue Project Volume 2 (2010); Looking For Asian American: An Ethnocentric Tour (2007); Lake Street USA (2001) and Frogtown: Photographs and Conversations in an Urban Neighborhood (1996); Their Great Gift (2016).

The Minnesota Historical Society Press will publish Chinese-ness, his current project, in 2018. Is Chinese identity personal, cultural, national, political, imposed? Does it migrate, become malleable or transmuted? When is it authentic, exotic, kitsch, appropriated? This book combines photography and writing to explore and complicate the myriad Chinese-ness experiences in Huie’s home state of Minnesota, other regions of the United States, and in China, by employing various documentary and conceptual conceits.

Artist Statement
Whether in epic public installations or international museum exhibitions, my intent is to create up-to- the-minute societal mirrors of who we are, seeking to reveal not only what is hidden, but also what is plainly visible and seldom noticed.

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Solidarity Day!

Thank you for joining us for our first-ever Solidarity Day! So wonderful to see a standing room-only crowd to honor Roxanne Anderson and Anna Meyer for their De-Gentrifying work in the neighborhood.

SEE YOU at Discussion Group next week! 10am, back in Walker (3405 Chicago Ave S)






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This is what a Launch Looks Like

Thank you to the 127 grownups and all the kids who came to the kickoff of our De-Gentrifier series! The room crackled with energy. Today more than ever it was clear that we are a movement of people who are joining God in transforming Minneapolis. If you have a picture from Launch, please send it over!

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