Fruit Tree

fruit tree program!

partner with New City to grow fruit in your yard!

We believe God is calling Minneapolis to be a new city that is safe, green, and diverse. By planting fruit trees, New City Church is joining God in this important work!

We encourage anyone in the Phillips, Powderhorn, or Central neighborhoods to apply. You will rise to the top of the list if you are:

  • On some type of food assistance, such as WIC or SNAP
  • A recent immigrant
  • On state funded medical assistance, disability, etc.
  • Have a felony conviction

Creemos que Dios esta llamando a Minneapolis para ser una ciudad nueva que es seguro, verde, y diversa. 

Los que viven en la vecinidad de Phillips, Powderhorn, y Central, les recomendamos que apliquen. Tendran preferencia si:

  • reciben alguna forma de ayuda o asistencia de comida como WIC o SNAP
  • son recien llegados/imigrantes
  • reciben ayuda medica del estado, pension de incapacidad, etc.
  • ha sido condenado o tuvo un delito


Donate, Apply, and nominate a friend!


Want to know about the specialized "Planting by the Blueprint" model that we use to plant healthy, productive Fruit Trees? Check out the videos below!