Becoming a Full Partner


Becoming a Full Partner

Now, to be clear, we believe that anyone who participates in any part of New City ‘partners’ with us in our mission:

To create inspired and skilled communities that join God in transforming the world

Full partners, though, are different than people who just ‘show up.’  Full partners have discerned a calling to live into New City’s work and way of being.  They’re people who are making an intentional decision to use their gifts from God (their time, their talent, their resources) to grow this abundant community. It’s okay if you’re not ready to commit to being a Christian (that’s a ‘declaration of faith,’ which you could do during baptism). Full partnership is a statement of dedication to New City as a community and movement.

The commitments of a Full Partner: Time, Talent, Resources

  1. I will intentionally dedicate my time to New City Church by showing up regularly and fully

  2. I will intentionally dedicate my talents to New City by volunteering and/or leading a New City ministry

  3. I will intentionally dedicate my resources to New City by becoming a recurring financial giver at a level that represents a sacrificial way (i.e., saying no to other things in order to say yes to this)

*It is a requirement that all Full Partners have participated in a Gospel Living class (which can include our Undoing White Body Supremacy Class and POC book group)

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