About New City Church


The Story

We're a church that focuses on environmental justice.

What we mean by "environmental justice," we just mean we want to be good neighbors and show our love for the Phillips, Powderhorn, and Central neighborhoods of south Minneapolis.

Lots of our neighbors have lived here for decades, and they worked really hard to make our streets safe, our air clean, and our children safe. Led largely by black and Mexican families, our neighbors planted gardens, put in bike lanes, and even kicked out a factory whose pollution was giving their kids asthma.

However, our neighbors were *so* successful at making this neighborhood a great place to live that more affluent--and often whiter--people are moving in too. That in itself isn't a bad thing (of course!), but the cost of living has gone up a lot, and the same families of color who worked so that they could live in a great neighborhood are now getting kicked out to less developed, less green places.

This trend, we believe, is diametrically opposed to what God wants for our families, our communities, and our cities. At the end of the Bible (in Revelation 21) we read about how, at the end of it all, God gives us a new city--one where all tribes are welcomed in, where there is no more violence, and where the whole earth is renewed.

We believe that we don't have to wait for God's love--for the new city--to start breaking in now. We believe God calls Minneapolis to be a new city of environmental justice--now. And we believe that this type of transformation isn't just about economics and legislation (though does include those things). God's work always starts with the heart which, when filled with love, cannot help but build justice in our community. 

That is why we are planting a church. Churches are places where people gather to have their hearts transformed, and churches are communities that support each other as we do the work of justice in our world.

God has called us to the next bold step! Are you in?


Common Questions

  • We're in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. It's awesome here. Specifically, we work in the Phillips, Powderhorn, and Central neighborhoods in South Minneapolis.

  • Children’s ministry is available during the service. All of our volunteers are vetted and trained through Safe Gatherings, and they love kids!

  • For our Sunday morning gatherings (Community Table), we meet at 3104 16th Ave S on the upper floor.

  • We affirm that Black Lives matter, we celebrate LGBTQ+ people, and we certainly invite the doubts/questions of people who do not identify as Christian

  • We are a United Methodist Church. It's, again, awesome.

  • In an age of #MeToo, we work to end the shroud of shame surrounding sexual violence and intentionally try, in every level of our work, to create a culture of consent.

  • We intentionally do not have a building. In this early stage of planting, we would rather use our time to be in the community (rather than in offices) and using our dollars to revitalize our neighborhood (rather than fixing boilers).

  • Se habla español