Environmental Justice for our neighborhood!


Fruit Tree Program

The mission of the New City Fruit Tree program is to show God's abundance through neighbor-to-neighbor planting and sharing.  We plant fruit trees in our neighbors' yards, then those neighbors plant trees in their neighbors' yards as a "pay it forward" program.  If you want to plant fruit trees with us, or if you want to receive a fruit tree in your own yard for free (apples, cherries, plums!), fill out the contact form below.


Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public
Cornel West

At New City, it's not about being 'a church that joins the secular justice movement.'  Rather, we see participating in social justice movements as an act of loving God. Put differently: if participating in justice is not part of our spiritual development, our faith will be anemic.  Fill out the form below if you want to join in our activism!

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