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Life Together Groups


Convivencia / Life Together

(español abajo) Life Together groups are intentionally diverse (at least 50% people of color) circles of people who share life stories. There is no "curriculum." The sacred text is our lives.  New City coordinates Life Together groups because we believe that they are love training for connecting with people across difference.  Convivencia is the bilingual version of Life Together groups, with at least 50% native Spanish speakers and the remaining native English speakers.

Los grupos de Convivencia son círculos intencionalmente diversos (al menos el 50% de personas hispanohablante) de personas que comparten historias de vida. No hay un "plan de estudios". El texto sagrado es nuestras vidas. New City coordina los grupos de Life Together porque creemos que son un entrenamiento de amor para conectar con las personas a través de la diferencia


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Gospel Living Classes

For August 2019, we will be offering two opportunities: an opportunity for people of color (POC) to talk theology, and a Gospel Living class on Undoing White Bodied Supremacy. This Gospel Living class is a prerequisite for white bodied members of the community to participate in the intentionally diverse (1/2 POC, 1/2 white) groups this Fall.

Please understand that these are preparatory groups that pave for the way for deepening multiethnic community (i.e., they’re spaces to bring us closer together as a community united in Christ’s call for reconciliation, not separation).

for people of color

We will be discussing an upcoming book, Staying Awake, which is being written by Tyler Sit (New City’s pastor) with contributions from the community. The book offers a rare introduction to Christianity from the perspective of people of color and queer people.

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