Community Table every Sunday at 10

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10:00-10:30 refreshments 10:30-11:30 worship

3104 16th Ave s (the second floor), Minneapolis.*


What to expect:

  • During refreshments (10:00-10:30), there will be some unstructured time to connect with folks from New City. This is where people make some friends, enjoy some refreshments, set up roommate relationships, and possibly connect with people for jobs (seriously. It's happened.)

  • At 10:30 we'll begin a worship service, which includes singing, reading the Bible, listening to an inspiring word, and a post-sermon community talk back.

  • All we mean by "worship" (which we know can be an intimidating word) is love training for our hearts to open ourselves to God

  • People dress casual

  • Qualified children's ministry staff, who all have background checks, are available to watch the kiddos while you worship. We have a room on the first floor for the kids to play

  • New City welcomes people across the gender and sexual orientation spectrums

  • New City is a healing space for people of color and is committed to undoing white body supremacy